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Everybody is 'WELCOME' at the new 'Koh Samui Tennis Club'

Tennis is a very popular sport in Thailand as well as the rest of the world, and now professional courts & coaching are available for Samui Residents & Tourists.

'Penny & her family - (original Samui residents) along with an Australian company developed the Koh Samui Tennis Club.

Together our goal is to encourage Tennis on Samui for Professionals & Beginners, or simply for Fitness & Fun. It's also an opportunity for some of the more under privileged children of Samui to have the opportunity to try tennis.

Our 2 full size 'Professionally built hard courts' feature Auspave/Plexipave surface expertly layed by a World renowned American based company, who also provide the surface for the Australian & USA Open courts, as well as many others. Our surface guarantees you can sample what the World Champs play on and provides for excellent ball control, speed & spin.

Our courts are available for: *children *adults *beginners *first timers - (all ages) or simply for those that just want to come down and feel what it's like to hit a tennis ball, plus it's also an excellent way to get fit, have a cardio workout and tone up every muscle!

We offer:

* Thai & English coaching
* A hitting partner for you
* Practice walls

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